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Envase Aluminio 2000cc 26x19x5,6cm
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R64L - 600uds. Envase Aluminio 2000cc...
Una caja contiene 600 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 2000cc....
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R29L - 1200uds. Envase...
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R29L - 1200uds. Envase Aluminio...
Una caja contiene 1200 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 1125cc....
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Round Container for Dessert 128cc
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550128 - 3600uds. Round Container for...
A box contains 3600 units. Golden round aluminum container for dessert with a capacity of...
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252170 - 400uds. Aluminum Tray 2170cc 31,6x21,5x4,3cm

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A box contains 400 units

2170cc rectangular aluminum disposable container with external measurements: 31.6 x 21.5 x 4.3 cm.

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Ideal aluminum container due to its size for large or double portions; It has rounded edges for easy handling. It is the star container for vacuum bagging or serving directly without the need to use a lid.

Mouth measurements: 32.3x26.2 cm

Base measurements: 27.9x21.9 cm

Height: 4.3cm

Being made of aluminum suitable for food with a grammage higher than normal, it gives the container easy handling, high thermal resistance and rapid cooling, which makes it a perfect container to preserve the qualities of food and even cook in the oven. own container.

Due to its high thermal resistance it is suitable for heating food directly in the oven.

Freezing with food is possible.


Data sheet

2170 cc
Medida boca
32,3 x 26,2 cm
Medida base
27,9 x 21,9 cm
4,3 cm
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