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Envase Aluminio 2000cc 26x19x5,6cm
  • -20%
R64L - 600uds. Envase Aluminio 2000cc...
Una caja contiene 600 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 2000cc....
€270.00 Regular price -20% €337.50 Price
R29L - 1200uds. Envase...
  • -20%
R29L - 1200uds. Envase Aluminio...
Una caja contiene 1200 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 1125cc....
€144.00 Regular price -20% €180.00 Price
bandeja aluminio de 31,4x21,3x4,3cm
  • -20%
R2G - 450uds. Bandeja Aluminio 2450cc...
Una caja contiene 450 unidades. Bandeja desechable de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para...
€94.50 Regular price -20% €118.12 Price
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Take away trays ideal for serving sushi, creating a unique presentation thanks to the colored bases and high-gloss transparent lids.

We have ranges for all audiences, from premium black plastic trays to 100% compostable bagasse trays and kraft cardboard trays.

Sushi Trays

In our online catalog you can find sushi trays at the best price. These sushi packs create an ideal presentation for the flagship of Japanese cuisine. These containers are made of recyclable materials.

Sushi Cardboard Containers

Made of natural kraft cardboard with transparent PET lids that fit perfectly with the base, creating a comfortable and safe transport for take away & delivery orders. Both the cardboard base and the PET lid are recyclable materials.

Plastic Containers for Sushi

Containers created in different types of plastic to adapt to the different needs of each client. All of them with a black base for a premium presentation and a transparent lid for an optimal visualization of the product. From pet containers for cold use, to ops containers for hot use and polypropylene containers suitable for use in microwaves.