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Envase Aluminio 2000cc 26x19x5,6cm
  • -20%
R64L - 600uds. Envase Aluminio 2000cc...
Una caja contiene 600 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 2000cc....
€270.00 Regular price -20% €337.50 Price
R29L - 1200uds. Envase...
  • -20%
R29L - 1200uds. Envase Aluminio...
Una caja contiene 1200 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 1125cc....
€144.00 Regular price -20% €180.00 Price
bandeja aluminio de 31,4x21,3x4,3cm
  • -20%
R2G - 450uds. Bandeja Aluminio 2450cc...
Una caja contiene 450 unidades. Bandeja desechable de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para...
€94.50 Regular price -20% €118.12 Price
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Premium hamburger box, foldable for delivery.
  • Premium hamburger box, foldable for delivery.
  • printing areas for burger box customization

BOX1212 - 200uds. Premium Burger Box 12,2x12,2x10,2cm

€42.88 + IVA

(€0.2144 + IVA por unidad)

Tax excluded 24 / 72 horas

One box contains 200 units

100% compostable natural kraft cardboard folding box. Ideal for take away. Interior measurements: 12.2x12.2x10.2cm

**Customizable Packaging**

Print your brand without limit of colors and without cliché costs.

For a larger quantity customization send us an email here

Product customization

Attach your design here and click "Save Personalization". Our design team will carry out the adaptation and the design will be consulted before printing.
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Kraft cardboard hamburger box, specially designed for take away thanks to its innovative design, this folding box once opened remains completely flat and becomes a very comfortable plate to consume our hamburger. Thanks to its greater thickness, it does not need third containers to protect the food during transport.

Ideal for fast food businesses, or for take aways where home delivery is available.

Interior measurements: 12.2 x 12.2 x 10.2 cm

Being made of kraft cardboard, it makes it a sustainable and recyclable product.

In compliance with European regulations on containers and packaging that can be recovered through composting and biodegradation EN 13432:2000.


Data sheet

Cartón / Celulosa
Useful steps
12,2 x 12,2 x 10,2 cm
Units per box

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