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Personalización de envases, bolsas y tapaderas


Envase Aluminio 2000cc 26x19x5,6cm
  • -20%
R64L - 600uds. Envase Aluminio 2000cc...
Una caja contiene 600 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 2000cc....
€270.00 Regular price -20% €337.50 Price
R29L - 1200uds. Envase...
  • -20%
R29L - 1200uds. Envase Aluminio...
Una caja contiene 1200 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 1125cc....
€144.00 Regular price -20% €180.00 Price
Round Container for Dessert 128cc
  • -20%
550128 - 3600uds. Round Container for...
A box contains 3600 units. Golden round aluminum container for dessert with a capacity of...
€126.14 Regular price -20% €157.68 Price
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Personalización de envases, adaptación de diseño gratuíto

All cardboard lids that close aluminum containers, certain cardboard containers, can be customized, as well as paper, raffia, plastic, raffia or heat-sealable bags. Another product that has many customization options are vacuum bags. These products are made of ideal materials on which to print your brand image and differentiate yourself from the competition, not only transporting your delicious dishes but also illustrating the values ​​of your business in full color.

Bolsa de papel personalizada

Paper Bag

Bolsa de Plástico Personalizada

Plastic bag

Tapadera de Cartón Personalizada

Cardboard Lid

Bolsa Rafia Personalizada

Raffia Bag

Bolsa de vacío Personalizada

Vacuum Bag

The adaptation of the design of your brand is completely free. From the information that is sent to us (logo, fonts, corporate colors, photographic material if applicable), more texts such as contact information, slogan, services, etc; that we want to appear on our packaging and a brief description of the desired style, a design proposal will be prepared. In the case of already having a design, it would be adapted to the lid or container to be personalized. Simple text modifications are free for future printing. For more information, contact us through our contact form.

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