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Envase Aluminio 2000cc 26x19x5,6cm
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R64L - 600uds. Envase Aluminio 2000cc...
Una caja contiene 600 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 2000cc....
€270.00 Regular price -20% €337.50 Price
R29L - 1200uds. Envase...
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R29L - 1200uds. Envase Aluminio...
Una caja contiene 1200 unidades Envase de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para 1125cc....
€144.00 Regular price -20% €180.00 Price
bandeja aluminio de 31,4x21,3x4,3cm
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R2G - 450uds. Bandeja Aluminio 2450cc...
Una caja contiene 450 unidades. Bandeja desechable de aluminio rectangular con capacidad para...
€94.50 Regular price -20% €118.12 Price
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Envase gourmet para 4 raciones de aluminio lacado.
  • Envase gourmet para 4 raciones de aluminio lacado.
  • Base de aluminio lacado en negro y dorado para 4 raciones

AS222040 - 50 units. Lacquered Gourmet Container 2040cc

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(€0.9978 + IVA por unidad)

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A box contains 50 units.

Black and gold lacquered gourmet aluminum container with a transparent PET lid with a 2040cc capacity.

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Set of aluminum container and transparent PET lid.

Black and gold lacquered aluminum base; of high resistance and rigidity thanks to the fact that the aluminum sheet is thicker than usual. This range of containers is perfect for giving your dishes added value, an exquisite presentation with which to surprise on special occasions.

Mouth measurements: 29.3 x 19.3 cm

Base measurements: 26.3 x 16.3 cm

Height: 4.5cm

Lid height: 2.5 cm

Like standard foil containers, our gourmet foil range is both oven and microwave safe; in addition to being suitable for all types of food, including acidic or salty foods.

The containers of the Eclipse range are used mainly in takeaway food houses, on occasions where elegance prevails, such as Christmas dinners or lunches, anniversaries, etc.

This lacquered aluminum is 100% infinitely recyclable, just like bare aluminium.


Data sheet

Negro / Dorado
2040 cc
Mouth measure
29,3 x 19,3 cm
Base measure
26,3 x 16,3 cm
4,5 + 2,5 cm
Units per box